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Would You Splurge on a Lesser Known Bag Brand?

Buying a handbag should be a deliberate, well thought-out decision. Whether or not you stash money away in a bag fund, I think we can all agree that purchasing a leather good, especially one priced above a couple hundred dollars, isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is a lot of money, after all – especially when we’re talking about designer bags from Chanel, Fendi, and Hermes.

That definitely does not mean there’s anything wrong with spending that kind of money on a bag, be it $500 or $5,000. But with any purchase, I think it’s important to think it through. You know, contemplate different aspects of your potential bag-to-be, such as whether or not you have enough money saved for it, and/or if it’s considered an “investment piece.”

Speaking of investment pieces, I came across a new section on Nordstrom’s online site called “SPACE Handbags,” which is described as a “shop for emerging and advanced designers.” Currently, brands including Off White, Cult Gaia, Yuzefi, Simon Miller, and Ganni are featured.

Many of these designers’ styles are far from the traditional Chanel or Prada look, sporting funkier shapes, colors, and textures. Though they are substantially less expensive compared to anything from Hermes or Gucci, they’re still pretty pricey. (The average is about $500.)

That brings me to my real question: What do you take into consideration when purchasing a bag? Are you more focused on brand and name recognition, or style and uniqueness? Are you concerned with purchasing a bag that holds the potential for consignment?

Perusing the below bags really got me thinking… they’re cute and stylish, but I’m not sure if I could drop $500 to $1,000 on them. When I purchase a bag from Prada or Fendi, I at least know there’s a chance I can get *some* of my money back, if need be.

What do you think? There’s no right or wrong answer! The varying reasons why each of us purchase bags is what makes this community one-of-a-kind. I’d love to hear what your take is!

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Yuzefi Asher Convertible Crossbody Bag($575)


2 / 7

Ganni Small Drawstring Leather Bag($620)


3 / 7

Gedebe Brigitte Mini Jeweled Snakeskin Top-Handle Bag($785)


4 / 7

Off White Sculpture Leather Mini Flap Bag($965)


5 / 7

Simon Miller Lunchbag Leather Roll Top Clutch($485)


6 / 7

Cult Gaia Small Ark Handbag($150)


7 / 7

Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Acetate Closure Crossbody Bag($495)