Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Groove Collection

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The Picasso of Tiffany’s introduces her latest men’s collection, the Paloma’s Groove

In a three-decades long partnership that shows no signs of slowing down, Paloma Picasso and Tiffany & Co. are set to dazzle the world again with the launch of Paloma's Groove.

For those who've recently started dipping into the universe of Tiffany's, Paloma Picasso is the artistic mind behind the radical 
Paloma's Graffiti collection in the '80s. Since that groundbreaking launch thirty years ago, she has been hailed as an unassailable presence in the industry, beguiling crowds with her designs created in collaboration with the American luxury jeweller.

This season, Paloma's Groove honours Picasso's long-standing innate connection to fine jewellery. A collection of rings, cuffs, pendants and cuff links represent an eternal commitment, inspired by the designer's own wedding bands. Serving beyond its creatively graphic visuals, each of the eight stylised divots allows the Groove ring to stand upright — symbolic of a deep, solid and lasting relationship. With clean, linear lines that express a powerful grace, the Paloma's Groove collection strikes that abstract spiritual facet which appeals to the heart.

And while it favours masculine codes, we predict the ladies will be picking up a piece or two for themselves while they're shopping the collection for their men. Bar pendant in sterling silver The Paloma's Groove collection is available at Tiffany & Co. boutiques.


As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co., what with their pretty robin egg blue boxes and delightfully enchanting jewellery pieces, here comes a new collection even the menfolk can surely appreciate. Simply known as Paloma’s Groove, it is designer Paloma Picasso’s ode to the men in our lives, graphic and handsome in a way that your man can appreciate, what with its well-placed grooves and tactile quality.


Available in full selection of jewellery pieces from a cuff and cufflinks to pendants and even rings that come in 2 different widths, they come in 18K yellow and rose gold, along with sterling silver (for the more wallet-conscious, of course) and even brushed titanium for a finish that’s truly something that must have been created just for me.

Starting from SGD385 for the narrow ring in sterling silver, prices peak at SGD4900 for a pair of 18K gold cufflinks, which thankfully for me, doesn’t matter because I’m almost never in a proper dress shirt.


And here they are, the titanium rings that I love love love. Now if I can only get the mister to also wear a matching one as me, I’ll be as happy as a lark.

As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co.

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Harmony Collection

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tiffany_co_tiffany-harmony-collection1Because we all know how women are genetically wired to trinkets and baubles that come in those delicate robin egg blue boxes, this collection from American jeweller Tiffany & Co. should elicit squeals of delight as soon as one sets their eyes on it.

Called the Tiffany Harmony collection, it’s a new offering that’s made up of engagement rings and wedding bands, and more interestingly, the wedding bands (which are cast in platinum) follow the same contours as the engagement ring, which a) makes them perfectly matchy-matchy for the couple in love, and b) stylish enough (without the frills) for a man to carry off.

tiffany_co_tiffany-harmony-collection2And if you must know, prices for the collection start at SGD1800 for the platinum wedding band, with everything else price-on-application as soon as you decide on the design, and of course, the size of your rock.

Now squeal. In delight, of course.

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We Are Loving Tiffany & Co. Leather For Fall

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The little blue box is one of the most iconic images in the entire world of style, and the color of Tiffany blue is even more recognizable. The brand may be known by all for its jewelry, but once you take a look at Tiffany leather goods, it might seriously broaden your perception of the beautiful things the brand is capable of creating.

TIffany Sutton Clutch, $1,250 via Tiffany Tiffany Blair Crossbody Bag, $1,250 via Tiffany
Tiffany Sutton Clutch, $1,250 via Tiffany


For Fall 2014, Tiffany’s newest handbags have my heart. Just like the jewelry, the Tiffany leather collection focuses on the beauty of the materials and shapes. Smooth calf, suede and textured leather in elegant, neutral hues make up the collection. The styles span the handbag spectrum, including a satchel, tote, fold-over clutch, handled clutch and a bucket bag in two sizes.

Tiffany Olivia Tote, $1,950 via Tiffany


Tiffany Sutton Clutch, $1,250 via Tiffany


The entire Tiffany & Co. Leather Collection for Fall 2014 revolves around Italian artisanship and smooth integration, which are things I can always get behind. I had the opportunity to see an assortment of the bags in person, and after that, I was hooked. I was drawn to the large bucket, which is a simple-yet-striking design with some of the supplest leather ever; the top handle clutch will be the perfect addition to any accessory collection, as well. I’m a sucker for the perfect shade of cobalt blue, and Tiffany nails it this season.

Tiffany Blair Shoulder Bag. $1,950 via Tiffany


Tiffany Peyton Satchel, $2,150 via Tiffany


If you only think of Tiffany & Co. as a jewelry brand, it’s time for a change. I’ve been in love with Tiffany since I was young, and now that the company makes some stunning bags, I had to share this collection with you while we gear up for National Handbag Day. Shop the collection via Tiffany online.

Tiffany Blair Crossbody, $1,250 via Tiffany


Tiffany Blair Shoulder Bag, $1,950 via Tiffany


Tiffany Serena Clutch, $1,150 via Tiffany


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To a ‘T’: Tiffany & Co. Jewelry is Now on Net-a-Porter

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New arrivals: Tiffany & Co. jewelry now available at Net-a-PorterNew arrivals: Tiffany & Co’s ‘T’ Collection now at Net-a-Porter

Iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. has long been equated with timeless glamour and luxury. And with its new ’T’ collection inspired by New York, Tiffany & Co. designs are made available on Net-a-Porter for the first time. From long gold chain necklaces to diamond and gold bracelets to hoop earrings, the ’T’ range is modern yet luxurious all the same. See some of our favorites from Tiffany & Co’s new collection below and shop more on & Co. T Chain 18-Karat Gold NecklaceTiffany & Co. T Chain 18-Karat Gold NecklaceTiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Gold & Diamond NecklaceTiffany & Co. T Smile 18-Karat Gold & Diamond NecklaceTiffany & Co. T Square 18-Karat Gold BraceletTiffany & Co. T Square 18-Karat Gold BraceletTiffany & Co. T Tennis 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Tennis 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co. T Wire 18-Karat Gold Hoop EarringsTiffany & Co. T Wire 18-Karat Gold Hoop EarringsTiffany & Co. T Wire 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co. T Wire 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond RingTiffany & Co T Wire 18-Karat White Gold Diamond BraceletTiffany & Co T Wire 18-Karat White Gold Diamond Bracelet

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Tiffany Masterpieces Travelling Collection

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tiffany_masterpieces-travelling-collection2Because it’s not every day you get to appreciate high jewellery pieces in person, the upcoming Tiffany Masterpieces Travelling collection exhibition at Tiffany & Co.’s boutique in Ngee Ann City is something you should most definitely not miss.

tiffany_masterpieces-travelling-collection4Slated to run from 9 to 14 November 2014 on the newly-refurbished Level 2, you will be given a glimpse into the world of Tiffany’s many different styles as far as jewellery is concerned, from pieces inspired by nature that come in the form of winged insects like butterflies and dragonflies to an opulent bracelet reminiscent of a flower garden in full bloom.

tiffany_masterpieces-travelling-collection1And as rare as they are, Tiffany & Co. will also be displaying jewellery pieces with intense yellow diamonds, including an oval 15 carat ring encircled with diamonds, as well as this masterpiece, a 3.60 cushion-cut carat set in a medallion of diamonds and pearls (shown above).


tiffany_masterpieces-travelling-collection5There will also be pieces from design director Francesca Amfitheatrof, whose recently launched Tiffany T collection has been selling out in certain styles. Inspired by archived designs, Amfitheatrof gives them her signature twist resulting in pieces that are masculinely-modern yet still extremely feminine all at once. The best thing? Besides being able to ogle to your hearts’ content, most everything from this collection will also be available for purchase, especially apt with Christmas just around the corner, no?

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Collection

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The first thing that strikes you about the pieces from  Tiffany T is how surprisingly familiar it is, a beautifully graphic and streamlined collection that’s anchored by the letter T, which makes perfect sense when you relate it to the 175-year-old jeweller. Designed by Design Director Francesca Amfitheatrof who is herself a trained jeweller and silversmith, the Tiffany T collection is her ode to New York City and all the great cities of the world, a new icon for the new century. Says Amfitheatrof, ‘I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and its relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world.’

And what a beautiful collection it is too, made up of a multitude of pieces that I myself am drooling over. One that would work well for both the men and the women is the Tiffany T Square Bracelet which comes in luscious trio of precious golds from rose to white and yellow, SGD7650 each). Matching rings are also available (Tiffany T Square Ring, SGD1850), so there’s really no reason not to get a set especially when they have been designed to be such timeless and easy pieces you can wear alone or stack with others.

There are also these sexy slinky bracelets (the Large Chain Bracelet and the Chain Bracelet), which upon a closer look reveals that they all come with interlocked Ts, with the exception of the diamond-studded tennis bracelet that’s just insanely indulgent. Last but not least (and this is just a tiny sampling of the Tiffany T collection), the delicate Tiffany T Wire Ring that comes studded with brilliant diamonds, best suited for those who love a lot of bling on their fingers.

Slated to be launched in Singapore come 15 September, stay tuned for more posts (and updates) relating to this collection that was honestly designed to a tee. Or in this case, T.

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