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Hermes is that one particular French fashion brand that doesn’t take things too lightly. And if it ever goes to war with its luxurious stylish bags, it does so in impressive grand fashion. Take for example its Kelly, Birkin, and Constance to name a few and you’ll get what we’re trying to say here. Taking the rostrum of the much-revered Hermes lineage comes this Hermes Surf Pouch in all its fashion flair.

The Hermes Surf Pouch boasts of a zipper compartment in front to keep your things organized and safe all at the same time. If you have keen eyes for details, you will spot that little Hermes emblem which is too telling that you’re owning an Hermes fashion piece. And it’s true when people say that the beauty is in the details. Can you spot the ittle ‘H’ lettering that’s placed next the right side of the zip. Small things can be impressive.

A stylish and fashion-forward pouch in luxurious Epsom calfskin with silver and palladium-plated zip, this Hermes Surf Pouch is too upbeat not to notice. With its meticulous and simple details, this Surf Pouch will be no wonder a favorite pouch to bring around. In fact, despite its simplicity, we couldn’t help but gush and talk about it.

It measures 25.5 x 19 cm and is priced €810 euro, £750 GBP via Hermes boutiques.


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Celebs and Bags Celine, Tory Burch, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Bulgari, Hermès, Givenchy and Fendi

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Sometimes we’re so awed by Hermes’ glamorous diamond Birkins and Kellys that we often don’t give enough love to their many practical, simple pieces! So, it’s time to get acquainted with the Hermes HerBag.


The Hermes HerBag Zip was released in 2009 to improve upon the original, discontinued HerBag. The HerBag has become much admired because it resembles the style of Hermes’ iconic Kelly Bag. The HerBag features the familiar padlock closure, handle, and shoulder strap. Yet above all, the HerBag is made with versatility and function in mind. The top of the bag is leather and the body is canvas. The canvas part is detachable and can be switched with different colored bodies. Unlike the old HerBag, the HerBag Zip has an exterior pocket for easy access since opening and closing the bag can be a little cumbersome. There is also added storage inside with a pouch bag for smaller accessories.


The look of the HerBag Zip is what wins over many fashionistas. With the HerBag Zip, you get the classic, elegant look of a Kelly bag in a more understated, casual way. Along with its features, the HerBag Zip makes the perfect errand, work, or everyday bag. Fortunately, the HerBag doesn’t have the same sticker shock as the Kelly bag with the smallest model starting at $2,250.

See the price chart below for more details.


Hermes HerBag Price Chart

Bag Price USD
HerBag Zip 31 cm $2,250
HerBag Zip 39 cm $2,450
HerBag Zip Cabine 52 cm $2,500


As if you don’t have enough Hermes bags in your closet, consider taking a look at this Hermes Herbag Zip Bag again. It’s the bag that every lady is hunting for.

And why? This Herbag Zip Bag is considered to be the twin soul sister of the Kelly Bag and if your patience is testing you since you can no longer find the Kelly Bag since it’s out of stock most of the time, why not consider this Herbag Zip Bag version?

Okay, honestly speaking, it still has the entire Kelly look and that makes everyone happy, right? It has the padlock with the flexibility function as you can carry it by the shoulder or by the hand. What more, it has a back pocket and inside pouch attached to the canvas so say hello to easy organization!

Low key yet still fashion-forward, the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag is perfect for a woman who has a casual lifestyle on-the-go. Perfect to take with you as you meet with your girlfriends or just run errands on a Saturday morning to pay bills.

And oh, it comes in three different sizes: 31, 39, and the largest cabinet at 52 cm.



Is the Hermes Kelly bag playing hide and seek?

You feel like you’ve visited every single store in the world and you are disappointed because you can’t find your dream bag. Well, I hope this can ease your pain. Allow me to introduce the Hermes Zip Herbag, this bag is popular thanks to its similar look like the famous Kelly bag.

The original Hermes Herbag was discontinued a long time ago, but the brand took another look at the design and decided to reissue. They re-released the Hermes Herbag in 2009 and added the term ‘Zip’ to its name, to avoid confusion.

You see, the Herbag zip has the same trapezoid body shape and the front flap, but with a different closure. Does it matter when it has the same charisma as the Kelly Bag? It also includes a padlock, versatile shoulder strap and a handle, in conclusion; you have the option to carry in multiple ways. Forget about the Kelly and you might even start to fallen in love with the Herbag Zip.

The most appeal is the back of the bag, which features a silver lock and an exterior zip pocket for your convenient. Both front and back has its own unique style which makes it all worthwhile.

But Hermes is always about luxurious; the brand, quality and price reveal it all. To top it off, you will find a small pouch bag in the interior for all your make-up accesories. The pouch is colored the same as the exterior.

If Hermes Kelly is still hiding and you are fed up of playing games, consider the Hermes Herbag Zip to be your new catch. The price range is also quite affordable. You can pick between 3 sizes: 31, 39 and the largest size Cabine 52cm.

The Hermes Herbag Zip 31 is priced at $2,250 USD and you can take the 39 home for $2,450 USD and €1.400 EUR.



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We’ve previously talked about the Hermes Passant Long Wallet and now we’re going to feature the normal and shorter version of it. If you’re intimidated by long and quite bulky wallets, fret not for the normal version of the Hermes Passant Wallet is here to save you from your wallet woes.

The Passant Wallet has long won our hearts and this time its normal version made us swoon all over it the second time around. Ah, Hermes never fails to pull our heartstrings thus making us giddy all the time.

The beautiful structure of this wallet is one thing to swoon over but its the multi-functionality and practicality to it that made it to our list. Made from Evercolor or Epsom calfskin, it features a leather loop and flap. Now you might be asking what’s with the flap? Well, it simply tucks into the loop to secure the wallet. It’s as easy and as simple as that.

Looking inside, this wallet has four credit card slots and a change purse. Measuring 14.5 x 9 cm, the Hermes Passant Wallet in Epsom Calfskin is priced at €1200 euro, £1050 GBP, and the price for Evercolor Calfskin is €1250 euro, £1050 GBP via Hermes boutiques.




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Hermès Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff

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If you have been saving for the Passant long wallet from Hermès I just covered a couple of days ago, here’s something else for you to lust over. Also by Hermes but I’m thinking it’s something that hasn’t quite hit our shores yet, here’s the Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff, a new addition to the French luxury house’s repertoire of leather jewellery.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, to be honest, not much really, save for the addition of the hanging charms that come with each bracelet. One’s a horn, the other, a lantern (is there some hidden meaning here?) that I’m assuming can be removed as and when you like. Made of palladium-plated hardware for the ones in ‘silver’, to permabrass for the ones in ‘gold’, the charms aren’t tiny tiny either; they average about 3.5 cm in length, which is quite substantial to say the least.


Besides Epsom calfskin, you’ll also find the Curiosite in Barenia calfskin, which I’ve placed together side by side for easy comparison. I’m biased towards Epsom (shown right), but for those who prefer their leather cuffs lush and smooth, Barenia (shown left) is the one for you. Now for the prices. They are retailing for USD715 for the ones that come with two charms, and just USD570 for the ones that come with a single charm, which will be the one which comes with the lantern. It also looks to come in only a single size, and once I get any more information, there will be more updates.

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A luxurious and a uniquely shaped bag-addition, that is most descriptive of the newest Hermes Clochette Narcisse Charm. A cool charm to add on any Hermes Bag, grab and take a hold of this absolute charmer as it gives your bag the extra swag and pizzazz.

The Clochette Narcisse is a Hermes bell charm in Swift calfskin with stainless steel mirror that is sporting the color of golden yellow, Capucine and Copper (more shades are available at the boutique). Mind you, this is not a charm you’re customarily accustomed to as it has a different style and vibe to it.

Measuring 3.1’ x 3.5’ inches and is priced $530 USD and is available via Hermes online boutiques.



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