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Talk about setting the bar higher when it comes to urban couture, the Dior Stardust Metallic Backpacks are here to impress and give you that added sparkle missing in your closet.

If you’ll try to remember, the Dior Stardust bag was released not too long ago and this time it comes in a metallic version from the latest Fall Winter 2016 Collection. Made from metallic silver ceramic-effect deerskin with light gold-tone jewelry, and together with the crispy-look, this Stardust backpack is a shiny addition to your ever-growing bag collection.

Sleek, fashionable, and shimmery, this backpack is perfect for the millennial traveling woman. Take it with you as you careen through the busy streets of your foreign destination or as you hop from one bus to another or one subway to another, this backpack is the real deal Measuring 23 x 19 x 11 cm 

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Who would have thought that a backpack could look as luxurious and elegant as this? Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Reversed Palm Springs Backpack.

Delicately and meticulously fashioned in Monogram Reverse, the trendy size and shape of this backpack is the perfect go-to bag for the sporty urban drifters, in tune with the athletic silhouettes seen on the runway.

One might think it looks too bulky but fret not for the truth is that it is a very lightweight backpack to carry around. Its relaxed construction and built makes it a comfortable and practical companion to have wherever you go.

Now let’s talk more about the bag details. The Monogram Reversed Springs Backpack from Louis Vuitton features a Monogram canvas exterior, golden coloured metallic pieces and an adjustable padded leather shoulder straps. On the other hand, the interior offers a double zip closure, an external zippy front pocket, and an internal flat pocket. Crafted from soft calfskin, this backpack is extremely light-weighed.

Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Reversed Palm Springs Backpack
Size: 5.9′ x 8.7′ x 3.5′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $1910 USD, €1450 euro, £1280 GBP, $15500 HKD, $2310 AUD, ¥226800 JPY

Louis Vuitton Monogram Reversed Palm Springs Backpack PM
Size: 9.4’ x 14.6’ x 5.5’ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $2080 USD, €1550 euro, £1370 GBP, $16600 HKD, $2480 AUD, ¥244080 JPY

Via Louis Vuitton boutique.




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Once in a while, we want you to eat something fresh, brand-new, that you’ve never seen before. An unfamiliar brand that has the capacity to stand next to the designer brands, but underrated. And because backpacks are so in-trend lately, we’ve found the Fleming London Carnaby Backpacks that are made by hand.

One minute…

Made in England, all hand-made = I am loving it.

And so before we go into the little details, there is something that I need to get off my mind. This backpack really reminds me of Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack, which has also been featured on our site. Le Dix is an additional Balenciaga Collection designed by Alexander Wang.

The Fleming London backpacks are made from the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. You might notice the subtle natural markings on the leather hide, these characteristics is what makes them unique and its remind us of their natural origins.

The Fleming London Carnaby Backpacks can be worn in two ways, either as a tote (on your hand) or sling it on your back (as abackpack). The style is chic and given its size, this bag is perfect to carry for work. Measuring 28 x 35 x 10.5 cm (W x H x D), for 300 GBP at Fleming London e-store.










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Pack It Up, Pack It In: Shop 15 Spring-Perfect Backpacks

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Backpack, knapsack, rucksack . . . whatever you call it, it's hard to ignore this brewing Spring trend. They're perfect for hands-free toting — whether you're running to work or running weekend errands, you can rest easy knowing that you're carrying everything you need (laptop, books, extra pair of shoes) without looking like a total bag lady. In addition to being smart and effortlessly cool, backpacks fit right into Spring's sportier vibe. We saw them on the runways at Hermès, DKNY, and Charlotte Ronson, not to mention all over the streets on some of Fashion Week's finest style setters. It begs the question: what's cooler for a Saturday afternoon than a loose tee, printed baseball cap, and sleek leather backpack? Answer: not much.

We've rounded up 15 of our favorite backpacks for Spring — so whether you're going for the collegiate-cool look or just want a simpler way of schlepping, click through now to shop our practical picks.

Baggu's Sailor Striped Backpack  is perfect for a lazy day in the park.

Heading to Coachella? Snap up Free People's Kingdom Backpack  to ensure you look your bohemian best while toting your warm-weather essentials.

This Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack  is a great piece to bring to the office — it's sleek, professional, and perfect for toting a laptop.

Stela 9's Santiago Patchwork Backpack is just begging to be taken to the beach.

Jason Wu's Jourdan Colorblock Backpack is a timeless splurge.

Luxe black vegan leather and gold hardware make this Nasty Gal Studded Backpack ($58) look a lot more expensive than it actually is.


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Retire Your Bag-Lady Status With These Superstylish Backpacks

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For most of my adult years, I've been constantly told that I am a bag lady. But like anyone with a problem, I just denied it.

There would always be something I needed to pack in my bag "just in case." I would style my hair in the morning, but still pack my portable flat iron just in case a strand fell out of place. I'd bring along an extra pair of shoes to work — just in case the ones I wore ended up hurting my feet. I carry an umbrella year-round on the off-chance that it rains. And I never leave my house without a sweater in the Summer, just in case the trains are cold (. . . or the world ends or something). But over time my every day Longchamp shoulder bag ($185) turned into that plus an Opening Ceremony tote ($45) and my reusable grocery bag.

One day while giving my OOTD a final gaze, I was taken aback by my short reflection draped in sacks of things I knew didn't need. The realization finally hit me: I am a bag lady and I have a problem.

While I do believe a girl shouldn't leave her house without a few emergency items, lugging around more than one bag has fewer pros than cons. One of them is getting shoved around by strangers in the street because you have too much stuff on your sides. Then, knocking down items in the grocery aisles because your bags are too big. And don't forget ending the day with sore shoulders because you've been carrying around so much weight. Having my necessities at hand always felt ideal, but I've learned that it isn't optimal for your body, posture, or your cute outfit.

So, for my fellow bag ladies, it's time to hang up our totes (shoulder bags, carry-alls, etc.), and invest in a backpack. Classic knapsacks have lost their typical juvenile reputation thanks to a variety of chic styles available for all kinds of budgets. Not only will a backpack allow you to carry what you need, but they are also easily the most useful accessory you can add to your wardrobe.

I've done the research and curated a list of backpacks for every bag lady looking to leave her ways in the past. Whether you're looking to invest in a quality piece or just need a quick carry-on solution, these bags have got your back. Scroll through to shop and check them out.

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Dior Adds New Blossom Tote, Backpacks to Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Lineup and We Have All the Pics

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