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So there is new tote bag at Prada since the launch of the Monogram Tote Bag. It’s called the Prada Concept Tote Bag and the design is quite interesting. It’s interesting because I can find new details just by looking at the bag. There are details that I haven’t seen before. And of course, we will be talking all about that.

The Design

The Concept Bag is like the lighter version of the Dettagli Bag, only the side wings are much shorter. There are two things that you will immediately notice; first the top comes with multiple zippers. Secondly the front features a new logo.

The logo is a modified version of the classic triangle logo. The logo is colored and printed on the leather patch. Just right beneath, it also comes with a triangle leather patch.

The multiple zippers unveil how the interior looks like, but not everything. The side wings help you expand the bag to store more items. The bag comes in solid colors, which is something I adore because it’s easier to marry with different styles. The colored center logo works like a neon light, it attracts the eyes to the center.

The bag is made with calf leather. You can carry the bag by hand with two leather handles. Or use the detachable shoulder strap for cross body carry.

The Interior


The interior is made with three compartments. The side compartments are zipped while the center compartment is the biggest. But the central is an open compartment. The bag is big enough to help you carry your daily essentials and work accessories like an iPad.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 14 x 25 x 33 (D x H x D) cm, priced at $2210 USD, €1700 EUR, £1540 GBP via Prada boutiques.

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