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The Lady Dior Collection has existed for a very long time, yet it’s still expanding. I guess innovation in the fashion world never ends, the sky is the limit.

Lately Dior has been experimenting and designing new handbags, which gave rise of new Lady Dior accessories. We have featured every one of them and here’s a list of our favorites:

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  • Lady Dior Voyageur Wallet
  • Lady Dior Yen Wallet
  • Lady Dior Wallet On Chain Pouch
  • Lady Dior Wallet On Chain Bag

And today the French Fashion House created another new wallet; it’s called the Lady Dior Continental Walletfor the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design


This beautiful wallet has a rectangle shape and it comes with a flap. The overall look should look minimalistic, but it’s made with canyon grained lambskin. This new type of leather creates a crumpling effect, much like the aged calfskin of Reissue 2.55 Bag of Chanel, which makes you feel like its been worn.



The crumpling effect erases the minimalistic appeal and adds a touch of vintage to it. The side is attached with the new DIOR charm, which is purposely made in aged gold hardware to match the leather. This charm is also stiff while the original DIOR charm is smooth. We do think the stiffness matches better to this design.

The Interior


This is a medium-sized wallet with spacious interior. Inside you will find 12 card slots, 2 gusset compartments, 2 flat pockets and 1 zipped pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 19 x 10.5 cm, priced at €700 euro, £660 GBP via Dior boutiques.

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