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Elegance of the Hermes Kelly Bracelets

The H is silent. But the wow is

There’s no denying that Hermès has an allure that makes any fashion conscious individual lust for their items. The Kelly Double Tours and Kelly Rings, for example, drives me off the wall. And there’s no shortage of Kelly accessories to choose from.

These Kelly bracelets come in full 18K Rose or Yellow Gold. Some with sprinkles of diamonds, others comes with a very complicated metal scales that have textures that will cost you $ 50,000 and up.


I don’t know of many people having Kelly half bracelets, so it’s quite hard for me to illustrate how it looks like on someone’s arm. But I found something like it from my simple Google Image search. So in case you are liking the vibe, here’s a sneak peek.


Lovely right? But it 18K gold will cost you. Order online, or visit your favorite H store.