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A Special Givenchy Antigona

From time to time, there’s a staple design that has a twist that makes it unique.givenchy-medium-antigona-braided-1


Black bags can get boring, but with enough bells and whistles, it can become interesting. We’ve come across some unique Antigonas from time to time, even exotics. But this one’s special. Of course it carries over the tweaks we’ve seen the Antigona has undergone (love the fact that the straps are removable now).Mostgivenchy-medium-antigona-braided-4

The stand out unique selling point of this bag are it’s braided details. As well as it’s oversized leather tassel zipper pull. What a beautiful twist. Antigonas are hard to get in and out of with its zipper enclosure. So normally it’s easier to carry it wide open. So normal zipper pull tends to disappear into the over all bag look. But this piece has a standout tassel slinging on the corner of your bag. The sides of the bags are woven also, which adds texture to the overall appearance.


The handles are braided too, in case the body’s texture’s not enough. It must be an interesting thing to be hold. But it could leave marks on your arm that might be less desirable. But, it’s nothing a sleeve can’t resolve.


Everything internally is the same. So it’s basically the same old bag, with some tweaks. And if in case you want a unique Antigona, this is a piece that you might want hung over your arm.